How to Properly Train a Parrot

Training your parrot ensures that your bird can do tricks and talk to you. It also strengthens your bond with the parrot. In most cases, people train a parrot to step up and steady itself in readiness for transportation whenever they stretch the hand towards the bird. But an attempt to teach the parrot can prompt it to shuffle along with the perch away from the owner and fly somewhere else. Thus, the bird leaves the owner empty-handed. If that’s how your parrot reacts, here’s how you can train it.

Training the Parrot to Step Up 

  1. Practice Positive Reinforcement Training 

Also known as reward training, positive reinforcement training is the most common parrot training method. This method entails ensuring that your hand is positioned directly in front of the parrot but higher than the perch level. 

The parrot has more enormous claws if it has longer legs. Thus, you should maintain a wider distance. But the space shouldn’t be more significant than a few centimeters. 

  1. Avoid Being Close to the Parrot 

The idea here is to think like your parrot. This bird sees you as a massive creature with big eyes like rats, hawks, and other predators. Therefore, maintain a position that enables you to avoid crowding the bird. 

Stretch your hand out slowly while holding a treat in the other hand. In this case, a treat can be a toy, a nut, or a snack. After progressing with the training, you can lure the bird using the nut or snack in your other hand. Like other birds, your parrot can make a rapid movement and take the treat. Therefore, be careful when showing the snack to your bird. 

  1. Maintain the Correct Hand Height 

Whether horizontal or vertical, place your hand slightly higher than your bird’s claws. That’s because the body shape of your parrot enables it to step higher faster than lower. In most cases, birds dislike stepping down. Therefore, raise a hand to the lower chest level of the bird, and it will step up. Give the bird the treat in your other hand once it steps up. 

Training the Parrot to Step Down 

Perhaps, your bird can easily step up but doesn’t want to step down. In that case, you could be placing the parrot slightly above the perch onto which it can step. Ideally, step down is called step off. Hold the parrot a few centimeters beneath the roost, and it will step up onto it more comfortably. 

Apart from stepping up and down, you can train the parrot to step on the other hand. Just hold one hand above the other. Also known as laddering, this procedure compels the parrot to concentrate. 

Final Thoughts 

Giving a reward is the primary secret for successful parrot training. When the parrot responds the way you want, give the treat. If it does something undesirable or doesn’t respond at all, ignore it. However, don’t punish your parrot. Thus, always be positive when training your parrot.

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